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24 Best Virtual Employee Engagement Games, Activities & Ideas

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You haven’t yet saved any bookmarks. To bookmark a post, just click. Engaging employees is already hard as it is. But doing so in a remote, pandemic-ridden, anxiety-filled world is even harder. But is it really as difficult to connect with our people in the new normal? Not really.

We’d be exploring some easy, fun, and effective ways to make your remote workforces happy through the aid of some incredible virtual employee engagement ideas. Employee engagement is nothing more but the process of making employees feel happy, satisfied, and loyal towards their place of work. Its signficance increases especially looking at the dynamic trends at work. They want to feel appreciated, valued, and develop- all the while pursuing their careers.

If you fail to make them feel like your company is helping them be better, live better, and work better, they are most probably going to quit. But that’s not zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: Greater levels of engagement have been linked to greater productivity, performance, and satisfaction among workers. Virtual employee engagement ideas enable companies to engage their work-from-home or remote employees without the need for any in-person interactions.

Pre, the world was unclear about the effectiveness of remote work. Post, remote work has established itself as the norm. Unfortunately, we have never faced such a mass change to remote work in so little time.

With the majority of people working from their homes, employees feel:. All of the above issues make engaging remote workers a trickly challenge. Usual employee engagement measures focus on face-on-face communication to be successful.

Zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: the need for virtual employee engagement ideas was borne. Even without the pandemic, the world was headed towards an eventual remote company culture. Now that we have established that remote employees’ will constitute a large part of the future workforce let’s look at some amazing virtual employee engagement ideas to engage these workers.

It is a matter of understanding what your people want and finding the right virtual alternatives for delivering a near-perfect employee experience. Thankfully, technology has advanced to the point where companies can support employees remotely through the aid of virtual employee engagement ideas. Connecting remote teams is a really tough job to undertake. Especially zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: you consider mandatory social distancing in many zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas:, your people are probably bored out of their minds while being stuck at homes.

Virtual murder mystery days are the perfect solution to raise remote workers out of their usual stupor and enable them to participate in something that needs their wit, decision-making skills, and social skills. We really love the virtual murder mystery challenges that SnackNation has put out.

We recommend that you take inspiration from there and host your own virtual murder mystery night. Solving puzzles together can be monumental in promoting communication, better bonding, and developing the ability to think of the bigger picture. This particular virtual employee engagement idea will make a lot of difference to the satisfaction levels among remote workers. Even while working хорошо how do i zoom my webcam in zoom Вам, people need to know zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: they and their contributions matter to the organization.

Without getting recognized for the extra efforts zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: putting in, your remote workforce is more likely to get detached and disengaged.

Or ask the whole team to clap нажмите сюда virtual meetings when someone reaches an amazing milestone. For rewards, you can opt for remote-friendly options such as electronic gift cardsreward points, etc.

A big part of the “normal” works schedule is the water cooler conversations we have with our peers. Water cooler conversations are the casual talk and bonding that enables us to connect and empathize with one another.

It forms a big part of any company’s culture. To ensure that the disconnectedness between remote team members doesn’t increase further, seek ways for employees to have ” virtual water cooler conversations.

Ask the HR teams to implement some virtual clubs. Ensure that people get the chance to take the time to chat with their team жмите сюда about their day-to-day activities.

Invest in a good team communication app, like Slack, for people to talk about random things. Start new rituals like asking people to share their own version of the “photo of the day” and источник статьи conversations around it. For remote workers, days can be mundane, with one day blending into the other. Thus, themed days are always a great form of distraction.

Themed days also allow you to be as creative as possible. As the world transitions towards a remote work culture, the number of meetings being conducted has risen dramatically. This is mostly due to companies trying to compensate for the lack of face-face conversations that used to be a part of the regular work-life.

Such discussions also have a terrible track record of negatively affecting engagement. Most virtual meetings can instead be replaced with a team-wide email. For important virtual conferences, remember to keep a set time.

Also, ensure that only the vital people there in the discussion. The work pressure of the new remote employees is higher than ever. Such practices will eventually lead to burnout and make your employees feel disgruntled, stressed, and anxious. It is crucial to provide regular breaks to promote mental health and well-being among remote employees. Frequent breaks are vital to rejuvenate and boost one’s self.

That, in itself, is perhaps one of the best virtual employee engagement ideas to engage the people working from home. Or to congratulate them on a job well zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: Give them the day off. Remote employees want to have a day off with no responsibilities, meetings, or conference calls to worry about. It can be the day to get a full day’s sleep. Catch up on their favorite movies.

Or to simply bond with their kids. It might be a virtual concert, virtual stand-up show, or even an insightful seminar. These WFH engagement activities can be vital in allowing remote employees to rewind and relax during a tough week. A lot of managers or leaders feel the need to micromanage their remote workers.

It is because they perceive that without micromanagingnothing will ever get done. Like regular workers, people should have the option of working with autonomy and feel trusted. Micromanaging remote workers will only make them feel alienated and result in morale and productivity loss. Setting specific and measurable goals for every remote worker will promote transparency and eliminate the need to micromanage everything. While physical health was the greatest worry ofmental health also took a downhill turn.

Working remotely can be challenging for any person. Anxiety and stress about the world’s happenings can impact a нажмите для продолжения and their ability to perform well. Unless a remote employee is mentally well, any form of WFH employee engagement activities will not work effectively. Simply put, ensuring that your workers are in a healthy frame of mind is a critical virtual employee engagement idea that you can’t overlook. Therefore, ensure that the remote employees are in a space where they адрес in a mental state to do their job without any issues.

To promote mental health and its importance, take some necessary steps such as calling a mental health advocate to do a company-wide seminar. Similarly, allow mental health day-offs and consider hiring an office counselor.

You can also give the work from home employees free subscriptions to meditation apps zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: as Headspace. Make your remote employees feel valued by taking their feedback about the current situations. It helps in measuring the engagement levels of remote workers.

It also helps cement the fact that you still care about what your employees’ opinions are. Doing so will increase their job satisfaction levels and help you avoid some crucial mistakes. To ensure that the feedback is accurate, take the help of pulse survey tools such as Vantage Pulse.

Vantage How to join a meeting on allows your employees to give their opinions through a concise and easy survey questionnaire format. It is also accessible zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: multiple devices and platforms, which will make it easier for your employees to participate. Establishing between remote teams goes far beyond simple virtual team-building activities. Продолжить drive engagement in remote workers, it is essential to encourage good communication practices.

All remote team builds great products and provide exceptional services with some necessary help from the technical side. Remote workers need to have access to quality communication tools to create a transparent communication strategy with their peers and the customer base. In such cases, employee engagement can take a turn for the worse.

Many remote collaboration tools have surfaced to solve any potential communication gap that your team might have. The communication features can range from live chat apps, video conferencing apps, file sharing apps, to many more. Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on the first Friday of March, where companies acknowledge the efforts put forward by employees day in and day out.

Just because your workers are now working from home is no reason you disregard celebrating this ссылка на продолжение and essential day. Instead, it provides you the perfect opportunity to show your people that they are a valuable part of the organization, especially during tough times. Here are some great ways to celebrate virtual employee appreciation day:.

Virtual employee engagement ideas are crucial to engage your remote workers and enhance their levels of satisfactionproductivity, and happiness.


You Need To Try These Remote Employee Engagement Ideas – 1. Virtual Coffee Breaks


We hear all zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: sorts of terms when discussing company culture and the overall well-being of zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: workplace, and one such term we hear over and over again is employee engagement.

It means essentially what it sounds like: The rate at which employees are engaging with each other, their teams, and the company as a whole, on both a quantitative and qualitative level. Meetings could happen face-to-face; coffee and breakfast could be shared; teams could challenge each other with trivia or pub quizzes in large groups; coworkers could compete against each other at company softball.

Now, companies have spent the greater part of a year working virtually. And despite what happens in больше информации future regarding the COVID19 vaccine, many executives are making longer-term virtual plans. But how can you ensure that the impact is more positive than negative?

How can you address impacts of COVID like with burnout and remote work, while also ensuring inclusivity in your organization? As Vivek Murthy explains in his book, Zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas:the three types of connection are:. Fortunately, having the access to virtual connection has opened up a world of possibilities for connection, learning, and socialization.

Use Donut to randomly pair people up to be connected for virtual coffee, /21416.txt learning, and more. Establish a book group and allow members to choose the books on a rotating basis. People connect well with others when they feel mentally well themselves. Invest in your employees mental health with a mental wellness program ссылка на подробности the ones provided by Unmind.

Create a recipe swap and bake-along. After swapping recipes, team members can carve out an evening to cook or bake together on Zoom. Trello had an interesting take on this with a Remote Team Cooking Challenge. Video fatigue is real. Host meetings where employees are invited to keep their cameras off, or maybe experiment with meeting via chat, such as in Slack, instead. If you’re not sure if you need a meeting, here’s a handy guide. Host these virtual sessions so your employees have the opportunity to get to know the company leaders on a personal level.

Here’s a great guide from Slack to get you started. Conduct employee engagement surveys to learn how things are going. You can effortlessly support this initiative with a learning and development stipend.

Invite an expert to speak on a topic of interest, either related to company culture, a specific team, or a general shared interest. Host a hack day. Carve out a day where team members have the opportunity to set aside usual tasks to work on an innovative project that will benefit their team.

Here’s a handy guide to get started. Celebrate a person or an occasion zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: a virtual Kudoboard.

Team members upload photos, videos, or text notes to a board for all to see. Check out their sample boards here. Set up a points program like Kudosh where your employees can reward each other for a job well done with points that translate to real-world prizes.

Take a note from a coach, as to how to acknowledge your people. Bring in an ergonomist. In our People Operations Spotlight interview with Julie Paris from Akamaishe shared that they hosted a virtual wellness session with an ergonomist to help people set-up their home посмотреть больше and workspaces with their health in mind.

Introduce flexibility: Since no two employees are alike, create a process for employees to time-shift their working hours to accommodate their unique situations, preferences, and needs. Use My Virtual Mission to create a virtual fitness challenge and track movement through steps, biking, and other metrics together.

Therapy is often a staple if i mirror my video on zoom will it mirror for others mental health services, but coaching offers a whole new perspective on well-being. Foster charitable giving.

Research shows that people gain a powerful boost of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin all at once when contributing to meaningful causes. You can set up a single charity, rotating one, or let people pick their own with a charitable giving узнать больше. Begin every meeting with a five-minute game, icebreaker question, riddle, or some other element of fun. Facilitate richer connections and fun at the same time.

Start the week off strong or end it strong by sending out a fun trivia quiz. Check out Water Cooler Trivia to automate trivia and send to your virtual team at the same time each week. Create a virtual space for people to teach their colleagues about something they may not know related to their roles, such as: what goes into stakeholder management, HTML for beginners, how paid media works, or more.

Murder a little too dark? Check out these virtual escape room options for a fun, team building activity! Hire a stand-up comedian. If laughter is the best medicine, then help people fulfill their prescription by hiring a comedian to host your next virtual happy hour.

Check out Laugh. Events to book a comic. Host a fancy happy hour. Invite employees to zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: out of their sweats and into an outfit of their choice for a Zoom cocktail party. Host a virtual Secret Santa. Invite those who wish to participate to fill out a form and include their address. Take it a step further and set-up a Zoom for people to open their gifts together and connect over the spirit of giving.

Celebrate your people. Congratulate them for surviving and zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: all their hard work by gifting them a perk stipend to spend on the gift they want. Or send them a SnackMagic нажмите чтобы перейти treat. If you haven’t already done so, have your company’s mission and values outlined and easily accessible so everyone understands why the company exists, as well as the behavior that rewarded. Offer relevant and meaningful perks.

The days of onsite gyms, catered meals, and group meditation are long gone. Transition onsite perks into remote perks using a remote work perk stipend. A stipend makes it possible for your people to pick the perks that are most relevant and meaningful to them, and continues your support your people in a way that aligns with them and their unique situations. Highlight the other documents of their colleagues so everyone can quickly get on the same page as to how to best work together.

Have existing team members set-up minute chats with new team members. All topics are on the table, and this is a great way to deepen connection and develop psychological safety. Set-up a buddy system for new hires. Starting a new company can feel like the first day at a new school. Encourage their connection and success by assigning them a buddy or mentor to help them navigate the ropes.

Send them limited edition swag. Coordinating the 41 ideas above will range from easy to more complicated, depending on the size of the team or company. But even the more complex engagement ideas are worth the effort.

In fact, you should be placing a premium on it now more than ever. Compt is the 1 employee stipends platform that gives your читать полностью the freedom to choose the lifestyle perks that are best for them and their always evolving needs, even when remote. Interested in learning zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: Compt might benefit your company? Consult with our team or request a demo. What is employee engagement? Depending on the size of your company and the number of attendees, consider breaking people into random Zoom meeting rooms.

Create a pen pal program where people can opt in to sending each other notes and cards. By using our website you consent to zoom staff engagement ideas – zoom staff engagement ideas: use of cookies Okay.


16 Employee Engagement Ideas for Remote Workers In |


With the Coronavirus pandemic seemingly at its worst, businesses have no choice but to embrace the WFH lifestyle. Employee engagement is difficult as it is, but how does one go about engaging a remote employee? Before we discuss the specific employee engagement ideas for remote workers, we recommend that you implement certain project management, HR, video conferencing, and team collaboration tools, to make telework interactions easier between and within teams.

If you never bothered with the icebreaking or intimate side of onboarding for your remote employees , now is the perfect time to make them feel a part of the team.

To make things interesting, you can have everyone choose from a list of pre-determined questions to break the ice. This could be especially fun if a team member has just moved into a new home, after the home inspection phase. This could be anything — an awesome gadget, a precious item, an interesting story, or a sick skill that they never got the chance to show off.

While the concept is to have fun, you can make things more interesting by having a small panel of judges. Turn this into an online workplace X Factor and announce a winner at the end i. To make the employees feel like their voices are heard, leaders need to have one-on-one meetings with them — whether they work in-house or remotely. Aside from providing feedback, the remote team members should get the opportunity to share their concerns and opinions.

A good, productive way to keep oneself occupied is to watch and finish any company-mandated training. On top of your native training material, consider purchasing and providing access to other relevant training courses, as well. A great way to ensure remote employee engagement is to ask your teams for feedback.

You can achieve that through online employee engagement surveys or through one-on-one video calls. And if it gets enough votes from everyone else, throw it in the list. Regular telecommuters might not have this problem, but your in-house employees who are accustomed to an office environment, might have difficulty adjusting to the WFH routine. Your employees will love you for helping them build up their home offices from scratch or spice up existing ones. To prevent that from happening, the best thing to do is to offer positive feedback and recognize your employees for all the great work that they do.

Therefore, to turn it into an easy process, consider opting for a modern HR software with built-in performance management and employee feedback tools. Keep in mind though, that collaborative work between and within teams is also important.

Set clear times where all team members should be available to collaborate or discuss projects, and make sure your leadership team is on board with any proposed schedule. Fellow co-workers can applaud one another for their hard work, make suggestions, and offer their two-cents.

Some employees might consider feedback from their peers more honest. Besides, by encouraging peer-to-peer feedback, you can ignite conversations among your employees and boost engagement.

Before anything else, have a chat with your finance department to see what you can realistically afford. You can also invite your team members to schedule news and family check-ins throughout the day. Go for outdoor walks during meetings with your team to encourage physical movement throughout the day. Use Zoom from your phones and give each other virtual tours of our neighborhoods. But if your kid has a severe case of FOMO fear of missing out , give them a chance to participate once in a while.

It gives them a break from the boredom, makes them feel involved, and creates space for connectedness for our families. Here are a few examples of employee engagement survey questions :. Blog Articles. With the right tactics, you can easily boost those engagement levels. Virtual Coffee Breaks Who says proximity matters when it comes to coffee breaks? Ask your team members to brew mean cups of joe or make any other drink they want.

Then, get them all onboard a video conferencing tool and start chit-chatting. Our Client Success Team always finds creative ways to interact together — Like Zoom ice-cream dates 2. Introduce Them to Your In-House Employees If you never bothered with the icebreaking or intimate side of onboarding for your remote employees , now is the perfect time to make them feel a part of the team.

Then, ask them to formally introduce themselves to their fellow co-workers. Recommended Posts. See how GoCo can simplify your HR. All rights reserved.