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Having the right screen resolution settings on your Windows laptop ensures crisper, more detailed images. It goes without saying that the higher the resolution, the sharper the images will appear.

Are you doomed to watch movies and play games on an HD display? Not necessarily. Windows comes with its own default scaling and color display settings. These native settings are designed to boost your PC system.

Still, you can always adjust things according to your personal preferences. The good news is that Windows provides three basic ways to change the screen resolution. To get started, we want to begin by showing you several ways to get to the Settings page. Once there, you can easily change the resolution in the Display settings.

Go to the desktop on your PC and right-click your mouse , then select Display settings from the menu. This will take you to the Settings page. Click on the Start menu on the desktop or press the Windows button on your keyboard.

A new page should appear. Locate System on the Settings page. It should be the first option on the page. Clicking on it will open the Settings page. Some of these applications include video games, streaming services, and more. It should be listed under Display adapters. Once you find the applicable display driver, download it. Then, open the file and it should complete the installation steps on its own. Some people use their PCs for work and studying. Then, there are those who are more interested in using their laptops to watch movies , create graphics content , and play games.

Whatever your preference may be, a computer is only as good as its screen. Plus, the high resolution will make your content look sharper and more detailed. In short, the resolution is the measurement of the visual dimensions of any screen or display. The width and height of the screen are expressed in a certain number of pixels. This means the width of the screen is pixels and its height is pixels for a total of 1,, pixels or 1 megapixel.

With Full HD, you get much sharper images with more accuracy and finer detailing. Also, the frame-per-second capabilities of an image or video rely on resolution. In other words, the higher the resolution, the less likely your movie or game will lag.

Every image you see on a display screen is generated by many pixels grouped together. Pixels are represented by small little squares. They have a direct relation to the resolution of a display screen. The higher the number of pixels, the higher the resolution. Think of pixels as pieces of a puzzle. The more pieces in the puzzle, the sharper and more detailed the completed puzzle looks. It indicates the number of dots found within a one-inch line of a print or scan.

The correct term when referring to screen resolutions is pixels per inch PPI. With higher pixel densities, you get more pixels packed into every square inch of your laptop screen. The result is sharper, better-looking images. Pixel density is one of the most significant factors used in determining image quality.

Say you have two laptop screens standing side by side; one is 15 inches and the other is 17 inches. Now imagine having the same number of pixels spread across each of these screens. Which one do you think will have clearer images and smoother lines?

The smaller screen will have a higher pixel density resulting in sharper images and smoother videos. The size of the screen is important when deciding on the best resolution. It also takes into account display scaling and aspect ratios. These values are pre-determined by the manufacturer to make the most of your laptop. The reason for this is that greater resolution means larger images. There are always limitations to what our output devices can offer. They indicate the direct relationship between the height and width of the monitor.

Read ahead to find out more about each aspect ratio. The monitor aspect ratio is known as Fullscreen. It was once considered the standard ratio for use in film and broadcast. Known as widescreen, this ratio is the new standard for anything and everything HD-related. Even televisions, DVDs, cinema screens, and much more. The only difference between the and aspect ratios is the type of screen. For instance, TVs typically have a aspect ratio. While laptop displays and computer monitors generally have the ratio.

You spend hours in front of your laptop. Therefore, the screen resolution is a critical factor that determines how much information your able to see at one time. With just a few clicks of your mouse, colors on your screen will appear more intense and more vivid.

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– Connecting Laptop Computers with External LCD Monitors


Super User is a question and answer site for computer enthusiasts and power users. It only takes a minute to sign up. Connect and share knowledge within a single location that is structured and easy to search. I have a laptop, which has a screen resolution of x, as most laptops have. Is there any way to increase it? I want to increase the resolution beyond xas I have a application that requests that, and I want to run the application on this laptop only. The application requests a resolution of x or higher.

Sometimes increasing resolution is useful even though it does reduce quality. If a dialog’s height is hard-coded to px it’ll be off the bottom of the screen, and there’s very little way to see it.

On a x monitor it’s less of an issue, but on a x netbook I hit this issue all the time. Maybe you have a higher resolution external monitor and you want how can i increase my laptop screen resolution to приведу ссылку the same physical size on both screens – there are lots of reasons.

I find that a scale of 1. On your laptop, the output name may be different – but a quick google for XRandr will show you how to use it. Having said that – the command worked perfectly on my Ubuntu It appears to be a regression, and there is a fix below so hopefully it will по ссылке fixed soon:. I need to pan around because the whole screen cannot be shown at once, you just don’t have enough pixels, that’s why it’s your max res.

It would not make sense to increase output resolution more than the screen is capable of displaying. In best case it would have to rescale the output back to its native resolution it must show is using a fixed number of pixelswhich would how can i increase my laptop screen resolution processing power and give you a worse result than just using the native resolution most likely xnot due to interpolation errors.

Sometimes it makes sense to send a resolution lower than the native resolution, e. For completeness: to increase the resolution on your laptop you would have to buy a new laptop panel that is compatible. This is most likely not available, unless you are in real luck and your laptop is part of a series where a higher resolution model is available.

It would still be a bit of a gamble to find a new panel unless you can find trustworthy verification of the how can i increase my laptop screen resolution panel model working with your specific laptop model. From Wikipedia :. This facility is sometimes referred to as panning, scrolling desktops or viewport. Although not free, you could try the how can i increase my laptop screen resolution of GiMeSpace to at least see if your application would work with such as tool.

You can use PowerStrip to force it into a higher resolution than supported. However, forcing an incompatible resolution may be harmful to your display, graphics card, or any other component in the way. Depending on your model, some models allow an oversized desktop, but everything starts looking like tunnel, as you need to pan around. Oversized desktops might not let some oversized desktop sensitive applications to open.

Some oversized resolution zoominfo subscription pricing – none: an FHD display might me pixels or pixels, but setting these resolutions might show the entire screen, depending on your model, продолжить it has ‘auxiliary’ pixels, make a tunnel, lower the color depth, show blurry letters, or even turn black and go dead in the worst cases of very oversized desktop sensitive desktop monitors.

I еще why is my zoom not letting me sign in слова not trying this unless you know that is is true non-oversized desktop sensitive monitors or true very oversized desktop-sensitive monitors.

All monitors have the option to hide modes that monitor can’t display properly or not. In that case, when a monitor can’t display properly, it is the GPU to show the picture which might look poor, depending on how sensitive your monitor is to an oversized desktop. In that case, you must call the computer model maker to see if it’s sensitive to an oversized desktop or not.

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You can change the resolution to above native res on Linux using the following command: xrandr –output LVDS1 –scale 1. Improve this answer. Gordon Williams Gordon How can i increase my laptop screen resolution 2 2 silver badges 6 6 bronze badges. This is something even better, I will try it as soon as possible. But I want the fix to the bug present, please update the answer with the solution to bug as soon as possible, but a nice answer, upvoted.

Thanks for this – Can i hold a zoom for free – i hold zoom for was just browsing, and using it in the opposite direction scale 0. Add a comment. Use the xrandr command. If you wanted full HD e. Scott I cleaned up your answer. What is xrandr? Does it come with the system? What system? The user says he uses both Windows and Ubuntu. This worked great for my laptop after searching for a while. In worst case it would just fail and not give you an image at all.

If this is not what you mean by your question, you need to clarify. Daniel Andersson Daniel Andersson Simply some more. Scale it to higher resolution, similar to what done here superuser. One possible way around that could be to use what is refered to as a Oversized Desktop.

From Wikipedia : [Oversized desktops] make it possible to pan around a desktop that is larger than the available hardware is capable of displaying.

That link to GiMeSpace is for a web site on Google Sites which is fine for small non-commercial websites, but perhaps not for something containing executable content. They now have their own domain, gimespace. Pankaj Pankaj 2 2 bronze badges. QRes won’t exceed the highest resolution registered typically the native resolution : Error: The graphics mode is not supported!

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How can i increase my laptop screen resolution. Change your screen resolution in Windows

Pankaj Pankaj 2 2 bronze badges. Does it come with the system? This is the motion sensor on the front of the LCD.